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Technical | Thermal Properties

With the advent of super insulated housing and stricter building regulations relating to the thermal properties of buildings, it is important to understand the behaviour of each and every component involved in a build. Thermal efficiency of a product or project is indicated by its U-value. This gives an insulation of the thermally resistive properties of the material. When Insulation is a factor, a low value is regarded more positively than a higher value. 

Cast Iron as a material does not form a thermally efficient product and has a typical U-Value in the range 6.4-6.9 w/m2K. If thermal efficiency is of particular importance for a project, it is suggested that a secondary glazing unit be obtained and installed beneath the pavement light unit. This will preserve the external, traditional appearance while increasing the thermal resistance of the area of the building. It is however important to ensure that access to the underside of the pavement light unit is still possible to permit ongoing cleaning and maintenance to take place.