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Quality & Conformity

Our processes are designed to ensure that our customers can be confident in both the quality and consistency of our products. Pavement lights are inspected throughout all stages of production from pattern making through moulding, finishing and painting. We manufacture in grey iron to BS EN-GJL-250, and confirm this by testing & verifying routine material samples at an independent laboratory. Each pavement Light casting is marked with a unique reference number which can be used to trace the product back to its date of production  


It is important that Hargreaves Foundry are able to give our customers the confidence that the products we supply are fit for purpose. To that end, every pavement light made is supplied with a certificate to confirm the load to which it has been tested and rated. 


Hargreaves Foundry have invested in load testing apparatus which allows all pavement light castings to be tested up to their design load before despatch to ensure they are fit for purpose. The loads are usually applied on a 300 x 300mm test platen placed in the centre of the pavement light casting to ensure the test takes place where the loading would have the greatest impact. 

This process forms a major part of our commitment to our customers to provide assurance of the correct product to meet their requirements  


ince there are no British, European or International Standard which applies directly to pavement Lights, Hargreaves Foundry has developed its own internal specification. This specification is based on the maximum permissible single axle loadings for UK roads as laid down in BS EN 1991-2:2003 (Actions on Structures – Part 2: Traffic Load on Bridges) and a Statutory Safety Notice published by the London Fire Brigade in June 2004. 

Unless by special arrangement with a customer, all Hargreaves pavement lights are tested to withstand a load of 100 KN tested on a 300 x 300mm test platen*. This gives an equivalent tyre loading of 1111 kN/m2. The two benchmark values which are relevant to this testing are: 

  1. London Fire Brigade and Westminster Council specify that pavement lights should withstand a 75kN Load which is equivalent to a tyre load of 833.3 kN/m2. Based on this requirement, our testing shows a 33% safety margin over the specified requirement.
  2. BS EN 1991-2:2003, however, specifies the equivalent tyre loads for different vehicle classes. The highest rated special vehicle class is SV196 which has an equivalent tyre load of 681.6 kN/m2. Based on this requirement, our testing provides a 63% safety margin over the anticipated single tyre load.

Should your particular project have a loading requirement in excess of that stated above then please contact us on 01422 399111 to discuss your requirements. 

*For clear openings below 300mm a smaller platen size will be used