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How To Order

The information we need from you is straightforward; overall dimensions including length, width and lens size preference and also include any specific embellishments or words. The standard size for the glass lenses is 4 inch x 3 inch (100mm x 75mm) or 4 inch x 4 inch (100mm x 100mm). The overall depth of our pavement lights is approximately 48mm. Given this information we can manufacture cast iron pavement lights.

To begin the process we make a wooden pattern from which we can then make a sand mould. Molten iron is poured into the mould and after cooling is broken out and finished, or fettled as we call it. To find out more detail about this process you can go to (link to project page case study) on this website.

Our casting process is bespoke, so whatever our customers need in terms of size or embellishment we will be able to provide it. As far as the installation process is concerned this is something that you can arrange for yourself, or we can arrange this for you through our approved suppliers. The best way to move your project forward is to get in touch with us directly, the contact details are shown below.