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Technical | painting specification

Hargreaves Foundry Pavement Lights are supplied with a 2-pack primer over the shot blasted substrate, followed by a 2-pack epoxy top coat finish. Pavement Lights are supplied as standard in a BLACK MATT finish. 

Note: A wide range of colours are available, including most British Standards, RAL and special colours to customer requirements

Technical Data

2 Pack Epoxy Zinc Phosphate HB Primer

A two-pack polyamide cured epoxy resin system containing anticorrosive and other carefully selected pigments and extenders. 

This minimises corrosion of the casting and is the minimum that we would recommend to protect the casting during transportation. The primer coating will be a minimum of 50 microns thick on all areas of the casting. 

2 Pack Epoxy Solvent Based Finish 

A two-pack polyamide cured epoxy resin system containing carefully selected pigments. It provides outstanding adhesion, toughness and durability and has a long life when exposed to aggressive environments, with good resistance to chemicals and polluted atmospheres (providing the coating is fully cured before exposure). A minimum dry film thickness of 50 microns is applied to our castings 

Single pack “touch up paint” 

Hargreaves Foundry Recommend that when ordering your pavement light(s), a tin of touch-up paint is also ordered. This is used for rectifying small areas of the coating that may have been damaged during installation. 


It is also anticipated that the paint coating will become worn due to regular footfall during service and it is likely that rusting of the casting surface will not become apparent. If however areas of rust begin to form during service, these should be removed with a wire brush and re-coated accordingly.