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Technical | Lenses & Blocks

The pavement light frames are made primarily of recesses designed to take either glass lenses or ventilation blocks. These can be selected by the customer at the time of ordering. All blocks are secured into the frame with mastic and grout to prevent movement and leakage (see section 7 Installation Guidance). 

Standard Glass Lens

The block that is used most often is a standard glass lens. This allows light to permeate straight down into a basement level room. These simple glass blocks are very similar to those traditionally used for this purpose and as the pavement light frames have been designed to fit them, they guarantee a good fit.  

These are available in 2 standard sizes. Approximate overall Dimensions (L x W x D) for these are: 
Size 1: 100mm x 75mm x 20mm  
Size 2: 100mm x 100mm x 20mm 
If you require a different size please contact us as bespoke options are available. 

Cast Iron Air Vent

In some situations it may become necessary to provide ventilation to below ground areas in addition to allowing natural light to enter. In these cases a vent block can be used as an option for some recesses within the pavement light casting in place of the glass blocks. 

If these vents are required, it should be noted that some form of catchment must be provided below them to collect any rainwater, debris or other detritus which may fall through the vent holes. This should be designed by the consultant/contractor to suit the particular requirements of each project. Each vent block consists of six openings, each surrounded by a raised lip to reduce the ingress of water and to form part of the raised anti-slip features. 
Approximate overall dimensions for the air vent block are 100mm x 75mm x 20mm (L x W x D). Other sizes can be manufactured, please contact us for more details.